(NEWSFLASH: "The Gospel-Centered Mom" has just been published in German!)

Welcome! I'm excited you're here. If you've been looking for a Bible study written specifically for busy moms check out "The Gospel-Centered Mom" Bible study. 

You can purchase your copy on Amazon
and also on Etsy.

"The Gospel-Centered Mom is a huge gulp of refreshing air for moms who are in the thick of raising kids. It takes your eyes off of your performance and places them on the one who performed perfectly for us." 
- Jessica Thompson, co-author of "Give Them Grace." 

This book is for the mom who's not "Pinterest Perfect." It's for the mom who can't live up to her own standards - the mom who wants to know if the gospel has anything to offer her where she's at now, in a messy world of diapers, tantrums, and postpartum hormones. Do you want to get outside of your own head and look to something and Someone greater? The gospel is our lens for motherhood. It's the voice of reason that breaks through the turbulence in our hearts caused by anxiety, self-doubt, and comparing. Let's get balanced. Let's get biblical. 

Written as a 14-week group Bible-study, The Gospel-Centered Mom is also perfect for individual study. If you're a first-time mom, a mom of teens, a grandma, etc. you've got a tough job. Grab a cup of coffee and let's enjoy this ride together. 


  1. Hello! I am interested in the devotional, but when I click on the etsy link, it says the shop is currently closed, and the amazon link says the book is not available for now. Is there still a way to get one? Thanks!

    1. Hello! Amazon and Etsy are currently sold out, but you can email me directly at and I'll take care of it. :)

  2. I went through this study with Protestant women of the chapel. I enjoyed it so much I'm doing it with a friend again!


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